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Laura Bro - Cirkus 4, 2024

by Laura Bro

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About The Artwork:

Cirkus 4 - Laura Bro’s circus series explores the artist’s relationship with ADHD. After the artist was diagnosed with ADHD and started medication, it gave her peace of mind to redirect her imagination onto canvas. Laura struggles with lucid dreams and often describes her mind as circus like. Gaining inspiration from her dreams, she has painted the scenes, colour combinations and shapes she see’s while dreaming. As we can see in this stunning piece “Cirkus 4" the artist uses bold colour combinations to explore the colours of the cirkus and the whirlwind like nature of her imagination.


Painting: Oilpastel on canvas  

 Size: 50 x 50 cm

Original: One-of-a-kind

Frame: Unframed

Signature: Hand signed by artist